Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wow Time Flies!!

I have been trying to figure this blog thing out. Some how there was a glitch and it wasn't working but I think I finally have it worked out:) My goal is to keep up with it! Time will only tell I guess:)
That little bundle of joy just turned 18 months old! Hunter Jaxen Davis is such a sweet quiet little boy who brings so much joy to our family. He is such a daddy's boy always cuddling with Adam which got to say I am a little jealous but I do get more time with him so it all works out.
Tristen is in sixth grade and says school is "ok". He has struggled with homework (he doesn't want to do it) but he is getting better at it. All he wants to do is play video games. He says it's because it's research for when he gets a job in game designing.
Kaden started kindergarten this year and loves it! He comes home with the best stories and talks about all of his friends. He is learning to write... all over the walls, the mirrors, the couch, the floor, the computer screen you get the picture:). 
Christmas eve we found out we are going to have another Baby!! I had been feeling sick for about 3 weeks when I finally took the test. Adam looked at me with a big hopeful smile on his face and said "So are we pregnant?" I had tears in my eyes and cried "But what if it's another BOY!" I can't seem to believe it is real because we have had to wait 5 years between each pregnancy so it seems 17 months is so sudden. We are about 8 weeks along but everything is going good so far and due early August. Tristen is excited, Kaden wants a sister, and Hunter is still a little baby. I am excited to be able to cuddle a tiny baby again!


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  1. So excited for another Davis Baby! And excited for you to post more:)