Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Kaden tried to get me to make him a pretzel when it was time for bed. I said no and to go to bed. 5 minutes later he said can I close your door which he does when he wants to do something he's not supposed to. He shut the door and about 10 minutes later I hear Tristen saying "Did you cook it?" and Kaden says "yes" and then I hear little feet in the hall. So I open the door to go bust them when I am confronted with a wall of smoke that has filled the dinning room living room and kitchen. We can't really breathe but I go to the microwave and open the door to this mess

Tristen I think has earned his badge for fire safety in scouts because he is telling Kaden to get low and crawl out of the house to our "meeting place".
Tristen told Kaden the next time he wants a pretzel to tell him and he will help." Kaden said "I was trying to be sneaky!"
(Maybe the ninja smoke screen trick?)
They get out of the house and I open all the doors and widows. I take the kids to my parents house and switch them for a fan to help clear out the smoke.
With the lovely smoke gone I go to pick up the kids and when we get home Kaden says...
"Is my pretzel ready?"
It's a good thing there wasn't a fire because I took one step outside the house and my flip flop broke and then went to get in the truck and the battery was missing from the remote for the car alarm so I have to go back in to find the battery with all the smoke. Smoke really does make your lungs burn!!

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