Sunday, April 25, 2010

SeaWorld with the Kids!

We took the kids to SeaWorld and had a blast!
Right before we saw Shamu Kaden kept saying "I want to see the monkeys!" When Shamu jumped out of the water...

Kaden didn't mention the monkeys again!! A picture IS worth a thousand words!
The kids got to feed the Sea Lions

They loved to the sharks, the penguins and the polar bears! Kaden got pretty worn out so while he took alittle nap with Mema

While Adam, Tristen, and I went on the rides!!

We did go prepared. We had panchos that did NOT keep us dry!!

Mema took the kids to the play area, while Adam and I rode Shipwreck Rapids. We were soaked when we left the park! It was a great day!!

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